Rabu, 10 November 2010

Siew Mei's Prize

Not Long Ago, Siew Mei became the owner of a car. She won the car in a lucky draw. This is how it happened. 

The post office savings bank has a lucky draw every year. Everyone who has more than five hundred dollars in the Post Office savings bank can enter for the draw. Then prizes are given to the lucky winner.

Siew Mei has kept a Savings Account with the post Office Savings Bank since she was seven years old.  She always put a part of her pocket money in the bank. At the beginning of this year she found that she had five hundred and sixty dollars in the bank. So she can entered for the lucky draw.

A week later the draw took place. Siew Mei had a wonderful surprise. She had won the first prize" i Fell so happy" She said. "I never thought i would win!". A few days later Mr. Wong the post Office master. gave the keys of new car to her. 

However, Siew Mei was too young to drive a car. And her father already had a car. So she decided to sell it. Then she put all of the money in the bank.

Would tou like to win a car too? If you do, then save with the Post Office Savings bank. You might be a lucky winner like Siew Mei one day.

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